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Robin says:

I have been wearing Mack and Mack (MAM) Magic items for over 25 years and have always washed and dried them by machine. Because it is so easy to clean, I wear each piece just once, unless I can wear it inside out (great for traveling). I hang all my worn items together, and at the end of the week I grab all those hangers and head to the washer. I have never taken my Magic pieces to the dry cleaners and I discourage others from doing so.

If there are any spots (such as red wine or pomodoro sauce) I pre-treat by rubbing in liquid detergent and letting it sit for 15 minutes. I have used lots of different detergents and Charlie’s Soap is my current favorite, especially for treating stains. I wash all pieces together (even jackets with shoulder pads) along with underwear and sleepwear, using liquid Charlie’s Soap.I always use Delicate Cycle, Cold Water, Low Spin. On my machine, this is a pretty short cycle so I select Extra Rinse just to be sure the detergent gets out completely. I also like to be there when the cycle is complete so wrinkles will not set.

Sometimes I put them in the dryer on PermPress for 5 minutes. Sometimes it’s on Delicate cycle for 10 minutes. And sometimes I just hang them up straight from the washer. In any case, always hang them up as soon as possible to avoid wrinkles. NOTE: Never use dryer sheets (Bounce, for example) as they leave white spots on synthetic fabrics.

Wrinkles can be an issue in warmer climates because heat is what sets in wrinkles. Magic is 100% polyester so a good steam iron is not going to hurt it.

During the day if I get a spot, I take a wet sponge to it quickly and it disappears and dries in no time. This really is easy care.

If you are encountering any problems, feel free to send me an email. I am happy to help you keep your MAM beautiful.