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Our mission

Mack and Mack, Made In Small Collections

Mack and Mack is not Seventh Avenue. We buy limited quantities of designer fabrics that are cut and sewn on site into unique jackets, vests, wraps, and coats. Magic, our exclusive wash & wear fabric, comprises our easy to wear, go anywhere line of basics that can be easily paired with an item made in the coordinating designer fabrics. Collections change almost every month.

Mack and Mack’s mission is to provide women options when they need to “dress up,” which is a phrase that loses meaning with our clothes. You aren’t dressing up; you’re just getting dressed.

In this casual world of jeans and workout clothes, it is increasingly difficult to find simple and elegant attire, especially when invited to weddings or occasions where you want to look your best.

Mack and Mack offers dozens of separates with classic styling that can take you from work to weddings depending on your accessories. The easy care Magic fabric makes it great for traveling, as well as a great investment with no dry cleaning. You will be amazed by the longevity of the fabric and classic styles.

Be prepared for compliments when wearing Mack and Mack. Not only will others notice you looking good, but you will have more fun because you are wearing clothes that are flattering and comfortable.

That’s our promise.