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Mack and Mack’s Magic Fabric

Easy Care

This is not your mother’s polyester. Our exclusive sensuous fabric, a poly crepe that we call Magic, is often thought to be silk because of its drape and feel. Our Magic fabric, however, is machine washable so you can wear your Mack and Mack anytime. Stains and spills wash out easily, whether it’s a drink or makeup or muddy dog paws. Over the long life of a Mack and Mack garment, you save time and money that you would otherwise spend at the dry cleaner.

As Good As New

Our Magic fabric is fade resistant so you receive more value from your Mack and Mack clothing. Long after other garments have lost their luster, you will be wearing your Mack and Mack, looking as good as when you first wore these made-to-order pieces.

Easy Wear

Mack and Mack’s separates are easy to wear with other items in your wardrobe, from couture designs to denim jeans. The simplicity of the silhouettes allows you to show off your favorite jewelry, scarves, and belts.


At Mack and Mack, we love color. From pretty pastels to rich jewel tones, each of our fabric colors is personally created by Robin (the founder of Mack and Mack) so you have a vibrant palette of seasonal colors and perennial favorites to choose from. You can feel confident about washing our lighter colors with our dark ones since there is no fading. And thanks to computer controlled dye lots, our colors remain perfectly consistent from season to season.

Classic Colors

There are three classic colors offered year-round: Black, White, and Ivory.

Fashion Colors

All other colors are subject to limited availability. Check with us often for new colors.

Things to Avoid

Robin has found that self adhesive stickers, like nametags, can sometimes damage Magic fabric. Another product that does this is Velcro, so be careful with shoes that use Velcro.